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30th Anniversary 

Celebrating the power of rehabilitation and the potential of the human spirit


Thank you for supporting life-changing programs at Sharp Rehabilitation Services. It's because of philanthropic partners like you that we are able to continue offering world class care to our San Diego community. We hope you enjoy these stories that honor former rehabilitation patients who have overcome personal tragedy with courage and determination.

1. Human Connections

How do you tell a hero thank you? See the power of human connection between Sharp caregivers and the former rehabilitation patients who have overcome personal tragedy with courage, grace and strength.

2. Giving Back

Resilience. Generosity. Selflessness. Eagle Spirit Award recipients share how they give back to the community and make a difference.

3. Life Lessons

Anything is possible. Eagle Spirit Award recipients share wisdom learned on the journey to recovery.

4. Accomplishments

See the inspirational achievements Eagle Spirit Award recipients have gone on to accomplish in life.

5. Eagle of Spirit Award Recipients Tribute

Remembering Eagle Spirit Award recipients

6. Celebrating 30 Years of Victories of Spirit 

A look back at 30 years of inspiration, motivation and education.


We hope you will continue to make the stories of our extraordinary rehab patients and caregivers possible with a contribution to the Sharp Allison deRose Rehabilitation Center.

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