Foundations of Sharp HealthCare

One Year, A World of Change 


Dear Friends and Supporters,

When the first patient with a confirmed case of COVID-19 arrived at Sharp Memorial Hospital March 11, 2020, few of us knew with certainty what lay ahead or the toll it would take on our patients, caregivers and communities.

Looking back one year later, it’s hard to believe how much we’ve accomplished, thanks in large part to your generous support and encouragement. Just 12 months after that first patient was evacuated from a cruise ship, we are well on our way to vaccinating our community against the coronavirus. In what has been a year like no other, we have a significant list of accomplishments behind us.

To name just a few, Sharp HealthCare has:

  • Cared for more than 21,000 people with COVID-19 at various Sharp locations
  • Discharged 6,428 patients admitted to our hospitals home to their families
  • Decreased the length of stay for patients with COVID-19 from 12 days to 4.6 days
  • Decreased the use of ventilators and the time spent on mechanical ventilation
  • Reduced the percentage of patients with COVID-19 needing care in the ICU from 34% to 12%
  • Developed our own in-house global purchasing system for PPE
  • Completed on-the-fly retrofits of our physical facilities to create negative pressure rooms, expand ICUs, and provide safe testing zones and family resource centers

We have a goal of vaccinating 1 million San Diegans when all is said and done. Thus far, we have vaccinated more than 19,000 of our colleagues and administered more than 260,000 doses of vaccine. Our tremendous success in operating vaccine clinics in Chula Vista, La Mesa, Coronado and at the Sharp Memorial campus led to our most recent accomplishment. Last week, we assumed operations of the vaccine clinic at Cal State San Marcos – the fifth vaccine clinic under the leadership of Sharp HealthCare – to help vaccinate the region’s teachers and community members.

All of this made possible by the incredible people of Sharp – our leadership, nurses and clinicians, affiliated-physicians, and thousands of employees from every department across Sharp HealthCare – many volunteering their skills and services. A true example of The Sharp Experience in action.

The best news to come out of the past year is that we can now see better days ahead. But we must still remain vigilant. We’ll continue to practice mask-wearing and social distancing as we work toward greater immunity. One day in the not-so-distant future, COVID-19 will be one of the many serious but not devastating diseases we treat – something I know we all look forward to.

On behalf of everyone at Sharp HealthCare, I want to thank you for the generosity you and thousands of others have extended – more than $6 million for our COVID-19 response efforts over the last year. Funds which have provided for germ-zapping robots to keep our hospitals virus-free; advanced training for more than 400 nurses, research grants for testing, therapies and treatments; advance refrigeration units for vaccine storage; and more than 1,000 in-kind donations including PPE, meals, and supplies for our caregivers.

Sharp HealthCare is indeed a partnership with the San Diego community; and our sincere appreciation for your partnership over the last year as community support makes all of what we have accomplished possible – and ultimately save lives.


With appreciation,

Bill Littlejohn

Bill Littlejohn
Senior Vice President and Chief Executive Officer
The Foundations of Sharp HealthCare