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Cancer Institute at Sharp Memorial Hospital

Cancer Institute at SMHThe Cancer Institute at Sharp Memorial Hospital is a regional leader in cancer prevention, detection, treatment and survivorship. It offers patients optimal opportunities for cure by providing easy access to excellent medical care, state-of-the-art cancer-fighting technologies and the latest in investigational therapies.

So that the Cancer Institute can continue to support those it serves, we are dedicated to enhancing our cancer program by supporting three critical initiatives.


  • Patient Navigation
    We are committed to providing each and every cancer patient with a personalized level of care to treat the entire person — not just the disease. We believe that every person fighting cancer deserves an experienced caregiver by their side to help them navigate through the experience, as well as provide critical support, information and access to resources. Our goal is to increase our Patient Navigation Team so every patient benefits from personalized attention and care.

  • Research
    We seek to enhance our understanding of cancer through participation in cancer-related research studies, bringing new knowledge and opportunities to our patients so they may enjoy better outcomes.

  • Technology
    We are investing in technology that will significantly advance our cancer programs and enable us to provide the most technologically advanced care. We have identified state-of-the-art equipment that will impact the care we provide, enabling us to both save lives and improve the quality of lives of our patients.

Philanthropic support for the Cancer Institute will ensure the best cancer treatment is available when and where our community needs it — right now and right here at home.

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