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Center of Nursing Excellence

Center of Nursing Excellence
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At Sharp, nurses are central to bringing the exceptional level of care we call The Sharp Experience to life every day at our respected regional medical centers and specialty hospitals. With caregivers like them at the forefront, we are transforming the health care experience for our patients and their families.

In recognition of the critical role nurses play in patient-centered care, we established the Center of Nursing Excellence to strengthen the organization's performance through mutual goals, objectives and best practices, and to advance the nursing profession through opportunities for lifelong learning, ultimately translating to ever-greater care for patients.

Thanks to the philanthropic support of generous community members, we were proud to invest more than $160,000 in nursing education and provide 27 scholarships to caregivers seeking to advance their careers in 2016.

Continued support of the Center of Nursing Excellence will help expand the knowledge and competency of Sharp nurses so that skilled and compassionate caregivers will be available for those in need for years to come.

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Pictured above: Dr. Susan Stone joined the Sharp HealthCare team as a nurse in 1986 and earned her doctorate degree with the help of a scholarship made possible by Sharp. She has since held numerous leadership positions—including chief nursing officer for two of Sharp's seven hospitals—and now serves as senior vice president and chief executive officer of Sharp Coronado Hospital. Dr. Stone gratefully gives back to Sharp as a generous donor in support of the Center of Nursing Excellence and other areas close to her heart.