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Sharp Mesa Vista Hospital

Since 1963, Sharp Mesa Vista Hospital has been the premier provider of behavioral health services in San Diego for adults, seniors, children and adolescents. As San Diego’s most comprehensive and experienced provider of behavioral health services, Sharp Mesa Vista is recognized as a leader in caring for people with mental health and substance abuse disorders.

Sharp Mesa Vista celebrated its 50th anniversary of serving the San Diego community in 2013. Still, our work is not done. The hospital is undergoing major expansion and renovation to better accommodate growing patient populations, and generous contributions from grateful patient families, community members, foundations, physicians and staff are helping make it possible. Donors support is critical to upgrades that will:

  • Renovate the facility. To treat more patients every year, we will reconfigure existing hospital space to maximize efficiency and better care for our patients.

  • Create space for outpatient programs. The expansion will add group therapy rooms to serve individuals who seek treatment several times a week for chronic and significant mental illness.

  • Enhance the therapeutic gardens. Thanks to generous donors, Sharp Mesa Vista has created six therapeutic gardens throughout the hospital campus. With additional support, we will renovate the remaining outdoor areas, ultimately transforming them into spaces for reflection, therapy sessions and relaxation.

  • Fund technology to support our youngest patients. While most children seek solace in our outpatient programs, many children are inpatients. To better connect with these patients and prepare them for the world outside our hospital, we are committed to acquiring new technology, such as tablets, computers, video conferencing and technology-assisted therapeutic tools for use during treatment sessions.

Make a gift to support Sharp Mesa Vista and enable us to continue providing outstanding behavioral health services to the San Diego community.

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