Foundations of Sharp HealthCare

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Inspired Giving: The Pardee Family Story

Julie Pardee
“Even during our darkest hour, we knew that we would find a way to show our gratitude to Sharp," Julie explains

Stuart Bailey was raised in San Diego, and loved his life as an elementary school teacher in Boise, Idaho. Then, in 2006, Julie Pardee learned that her 36-year-old son had developed rapidly advancing heart failure.

“As a mom, it was devastating to know that Stu’s only hope was a heart transplant,” recalls Julie. Within days he received the gift of a new life at Sharp Memorial Hospital.

“It’s impossible to describe our family’s admiration for Sharp, and for surgeons Rob Adamson and Walter Dembitsky and cardiologist Brian Jaski. Time and again, they returned Stu from the brink of death. Even during our darkest hour, we somehow knew that, no matter what happened, we would find a way to show our gratitude to Sharp.”

Today, the Pardee family’s foundation is a major contributor to Sharp Memorial’s Cardiac Transplant Outcomes Research Fund.

And the hospital’s fifth floor family lounge bears the name of Stuart Bailey, who describes his new heart as “filled with love.”

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