Foundations of Sharp HealthCare

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Outcomes Research Institute

Center of Nursing Excellence

Sharp HealthCare has created the Outcomes Research Institute to measure the long-term results of care to continue to develop and promote best practices in health care delivery. With both inpatient and ambulatory locations and a diverse patient population, Sharp is well positioned to study care processes and outcomes in a “real world” setting, reflecting an authentic picture of the health care environment. The Outcomes Research Institute will enable Sharp to contribute to the literature in this important area as well as help improve the quality of care delivery across San Diego County.

The goals of the Outcomes Research Institute include:

  • Analyzing the relationships between processes and outcomes for treatments, interventions and quality improvement initiatives
  • Developing and disseminating new knowledge about effective approaches to quality care delivery
  • Ensuring Sharp patient care produces outcomes consistent with evidence-based medical literature
  • Establishing associations between practice, costs and outcomes for Sharp patient care

The establishment of the Sharp Outcomes Research Institute is in direct alignment with Sharp’s Quality Pillar Goal — to demonstrate and improve clinical excellence and patient safety to set community standards and exceed patient expectations.

Through your support of the Outcomes Research Institute, Sharp will continue development and promotion of best practices in health care delivery, and continue as San Diego’s leading health care provider.