Foundations of Sharp HealthCare

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Planned Gifts: Life Insurance

A gift of life insurance is an often overlooked, yet beneficial, method of making a meaningful contribution to Sharp HealthCare. An individual may choose to do one of the following:

  • Purchase a life insurance policy to replace the amount of assets already gifted to Sharp
  • Name Coronado Hospital Foundation, Grossmont Hospital Foundation or Sharp HealthCare Foundation as a secondary or final beneficiary on an existing policy
  • Name Sharp the owner of a policy that has outlived its original purpose, such as providing for a college education or insuring a business or mortgage
  • Purchase a new policy and name Sharp as owner and beneficiary; the premiums you pay will then be deductible as cash contributions to the Foundation

To learn more about gifts of life insurance and other planned giving opportunities, please contact Norm Timmins or Linda Spuck at 858-499-4816.