Foundations of Sharp HealthCare

Planned Gifts: Wills and Trusts

Regardless of age or net worth, making or updating a will and/or trust is one of the smartest and easiest steps an individual can take to plan for their family's future and their personal legacy.

Without an up-to-date will or trust, a person gives up the right to distribute his or her estate to family, friends and favorite charitable organizations, like Sharp HealthCare, in the manner they choose. If a person dies without a will or trust, state laws determine how property will be distributed.

At least six important provisions can be made in a will and/or trust:

  • Bequests — Ensuring that your loved ones receive gifts from your estate according to your wishes.
  • Charitable Gifts — You may wish to play a continuing role in the work of Sharp HealthCare. See below for more information on how to designate your charitable gift.
  • Dependents — Protect your loved ones who may need extra assistance with managing money, such as a child, through a trust.
  • Memorials — You can pay special tribute to a loved one by perpetuating his or her personal dedication to a particular charity. 
  • Personal Representative — Your will and/or trust allows you to designate who will settle your affairs or care for you in the case of illness or disability.

It's easy to include Coronado Hospital Foundation, Grossmont Hospital Foundation or Sharp HealthCare Foundation in your will and/or trust:

  • Bequests may be a fixed amount (ex: $10,000), a percentage (such as 10 percent) or remainder after all other specific bequests have been distributed
  • Specific property such as residential real estate may also be used in a charitable bequest
  • Sample language to add a bequest to a will or trust: "I/We give and bequeath $xxx,xxx (or __ percent of my/our estate) to [Coronado Hospital Foundation, Grossmont Hospital Foundation or Sharp HealthCare Foundation], a California nonprofit corporation.

To learn more about wills and trusts and other planned giving opportunities, please contact Norm Timmins or Linda Spuck at 858-499-4816.