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Annual Sharp Allison deRose
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Sharp Allison deRose Rehabilitation Center Annual Poker Tournament

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We are so grateful for our Annual Poker Tournament Family for your ongoing support of Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors. Our rehabilitation unit at Sharp Memorial Hospital is open 365 days a year and our Healthcare Heroes are working with our survivors to help them successfully re-enter our community 24 hours a day! None of this would be possible without philanthropic partners like you.

Thank you for your loyal support of this very special event and for your commitment to supporting programs and services at the Sharp Allison deRose Rehabilitation Center, where patients impacted by traumatic brain injuries successfully transition from hospital to home.

Patient Stories

   Poker 2021 Bio Kaitlin

Kaitlin Rose Pilsbury has spent her entire life working in restaurants, and achieved her dream to open her own restaurant- Rosie’s Café in Escondido.  After being featured on an episode of the Food Network’s “Restaurant Impossible,” Kaitlin was enjoying life as a successful restauranteur. All that changed in December 2019 when Kaitlin was seriously injured after her motorcycle was struck by an SUV in a hit-and-run accident. She  sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI) as well as broken bones in her legs and arms. After weeks on a ventilator and several surgeries, she was transferred to the inpatient unit of the Sharp Allison deRose Rehabilitation Center. When Kaitlin arrived, she had difficulty walking and communicating.  The young, vibrant woman who could once craft gourmet sandwiches in 30 seconds, couldn’t hold a knife or understand a recipe. The inpatient team thought she would be a good candidate for the Community Re-entry Program, however her insurance did not cover the program.  Fortunately, she was granted a scholarship to attend the program and demonstrated improvements in all areas including strength, dexterity, balance, and endurance.   Kaitlin also successfully attained independence for all self-care including home management and meal preparation.  She even baked a fabulous pecan pie for the team using a family recipe. Kaitlin is very grateful for her Survivors Rehabilitation Fund (SRF) scholarship, which supported her in reaching her goals for independence.  To quote Kaitlin “I’m grateful I’m alive, continuing to heal and following my own motto: Never, never quit being grateful for your life.  I am new and improved."

   Poker 2021 Bio Frankie

Francisco "Frankie" Reyes was a junior at Steele Canyon Charter School with an overall GPS of 4.27 and surrounded by a loving supportinve family. Frankie enjoyed mathematics, playing center-field for his High School baseball team and racing dirt bikes. In November of 2019, while training for a race, Frankie had a dirt bike accident. He sustained a severe brain injury that included bilateral displaced skull fractures, subdural hematomas and brain stem contusions. He was in a coma at Scripps Mercy Hospital for three weeks. In December of 2019, he was transferred to Craig Rehabilitation Hospital in Englewood, Colorado where he remained until April 15, 2020. The treatment team at Craig Hospital thought he would be a good candidate for the Community Re-Entry Program at Sharp Allison deRose Rehabilitation Center, however, his insurance did not cover the program. Fortunately, he was granted a scholarship from the Surviviors Rehabilitation Fund (SRF). Frankie was admitted to the Community Re-Entry Program on April 27, 2020. When he arrived, he used a wheelchair, and at the time of discharge he was walking with the use of only a hiking pole. Also at time of discharge, Frankie was able to communicate at the conversation level with intelligible speech and was trained in the use of a diction to text software program to compensate for impaired upper extremity dexterity. This allows him to produce word documents and emails for school. The Case Managemenent team in Community Re-Entry in collaboration with his school counselor developed Frankie's curriculum for his senior year of high school which began in August of 2020. Frankie is taking English, History, Math and one elective. Frankie and his family exude optimism. He knows everyone in the Rehab Center by name and brightens their day with his positive nature.

Make a contribution to support programs and services that help give patients like Kaitlin and Frankie a second chance.

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Thank You to our 2021 Virtual Sponsors

Robert deRose
Melissa DeRose
Denise DeRose Cahill
Troy Hawks

Health Net, LLC
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Tournament Information

The Sharp Allison deRose Rehabilitation Center Poker Tournament is a Texas Hold'em tournament........
All proceeds support programs and services at the Sharp Allison deRose Rehabilitation Center at Sharp Memorial Hospital, where patients impacted by traumatic brain injuries successfully transition from hospital to home.

Poker Committee

Robert deRose
Ray Willenberg
Eric Northbrook
Marty Ehrlich
Kris Nelson
Jennifer Hale - Sharp HealthCare Foundation Event Director

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Survivors Rehabilitation Fund

The Survivors Rehabilitation Fund (SRF) was created in 1985 by Ray and Becky Willenberg after Ray's sister, Renee Willenberg, suffered a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) at 23 years of age in a car accident leaving her in a coma for almost three months. After receiving nine months of inpatient rehabilitation, Renee was referred to the Sharp Community Re-entry program, which was not a service that was typically covered by health insurance at the time. Determined to help ensure that his sister and other brain-injury survivors had access to the highest quality rehabilitation care, Ray and Becky establilshed SRF.

Robert and Susan deRose whose daughter, Allison deRose, had experienced a TBI as a result of a car accident as well. She too recovered from a coma, and was sent to Sharp Rehabilitation Center. Robert recognized the same need that Ray had and partnered with Ray in 1987. SRF has been raising money and changing lives for Sharp patients with traumatic brain injuries for over 37 years. Each year they host the Sharp Allison deRose Poker Tournament to provide rehab services to Sharp patients without personal cost to families. No referred TBI survivor has ever been turned down.

Both Ray and Robert serve on the Sharp HealthCare Foundation board and are incredible ambassadors of Sharp.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Jennifer Hale at or 858-499-8062.